About the Baptists

This is an unfinished article, to be expanded later.

The name “Baptist” comes from the word “baptize” (which means to immerse) in the Bible. There are many groups that use the name Baptist, and not all believe the same, so you can’t tell them apart by the name alone.
Aside from that, generally, Baptists are characterized by
• Congregationalism, where the church is not run by the clergy but by the church body,
• Believer’s Baptism, where only believing adults (or in the case of a child, under the condition that there is full understanding) are baptized,
• Immersion, where baptism is performed by complete immersion in water, representing the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, and,
although not practiced in all places,
• Rebaptism, in some cases, of those from other denominations that wish to join.

We identify with a very old tradition, that has never belonged to the Catholic or Protestant movements. However, our worship services and church activities are not rigid or formal, we are more laid-back with an at-home atmosphere.